• All manuscripts will be reviewed by peers of the scientific committee and the final acceptance will be provided after considering all corrections

  • The manuscripts should be prepared in Microsoft Word with double spaced A4 page size and lines numbered. The top and bottom margins are 2.5 cm and the left and right margins are 2.0 cm. The font size (Times New Roman) must be 12 for titles and 0 for the full text.

  • Following the title, author(s) name(s) (with initials) and affiliations, manuscripts are should contain the following sections: Abstract (not more than 250 words), Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and Discussion (one part), Conclusions, Acknowledgment(s) and References.

  • Sub-titles are written in italics (Times New Roman, Font 12) with only the first letter of the first word in capital.

  • Numbers from zero to ten should be spelled, e.g. zero, one, two, etc. Values greater than ten or that followed by abbreviated units should be written in Arabic numerals.

  • Tables must be legible, self-explained and with suitable size. Avoid, if possible, Tables in horizontal direction or in more than one page. Tables fonts; Title & headings font 11 bold, numbers font 11 regular. The Table heading is written as: Table 2 and footnotes are referred to by numbers 1, 2, ...

  • Photos, Tables, and Figures should be placed within the text.

  • In the References section, each Reference must appear in the following order; name of author(s), Year, title and editing authority, plus publishing Co. in case of books and symposia. In case of periodicals, the volume No. is followed by the number of the first page of the article. For the names and year fonts must be 11 bold, other fonts must be 11 regular.

  • Key words should directly follow the English Abstract, and not more than five key words of font 11 italics are used.

  • All submissions must go through the website submission system.